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7:12:32 pm Thursday 27th November 2014
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For over 15 years, Spotted Zebra has been a market leader in innovative real-time 3D graphics for Broadcast and Live Events. We have worked with many major Broadcasters and corporate bodies, providing interactive content, consultancy, Software and Hardware, Broadcast design, content creation, Post Production, Editing and Animation.

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We are well respected and with excellent references from our clients, we can deliver a turnkey solution that works for Broadcast, and events both nationally and Internationally. More information


latest news

Spotted Zebra become resellers for Multitaction displays

- We became official resellers for MultiTaction who make some of the best touch screens we have ever seen, here you can look at the new flagship iWall in action. MultiTaction iWall (Will open a new window)

March 2014 Coca cola World cup trophy tour

- Ahead of the world cup of 2014, spotted Zebra created a realtime interactive football game over a 100 foot LED Wall with Crucial Fx for a press only event in london.

January 2014 24 Live new channel launch AMD

- Spotted Zebra were brought in to create Realtime 3D promo videos using Ventuz software in preparation for the launch of AMD's 24 Live later in 2014 AMD realtime promo videos (Will open a new window)

December 2013 Rugby 7's Dubai

- Spotted Zebra created a large LED screen for use at the Rugby 7's event in Dubai using Ventuz Director to Drive the show.

November 2013 Capital One Event screens

- Spotted Zebra created a series of event screens for Capital One as part of the One Direction, The Jamfest and the Nature Valley Ski competition. Capital One's Big Event (Will open a new window)

September 2013 Saudi-Aramco presentations

- Spotted Zebra created a series of touch screen presentations using Ventuz software for Saudi-Aramco.

June 2013 Arise News

- Further development of Arise News graphics to include interactive news walls and more on screen content and promotional video. On screen graphics for Arise News (Will open a new window)

May 2013 BT Sports launch

- Spotted Zebra created concept work for BT Sports before launch using Ventuz and Vizrt software.

February 2013 TV2 Denmark rebrand

- Spotted Zebra helped to create the templates and graphics required to launch a new look for TV2 Denmark.

January 2013 Denmarks Radio rebrand

- Spotted Zebra were back in Denmark to help with the rebrand of Denmarks Radio, using Vizrt software we created a new look for their programming output.

January 2013 Arise News Set up and Launch

- In January 2013, spotted Zebra created and set up Arise News in both New York and London. We integrated both the hardware and software and created the graphics for broadcast using Ventuz software. Arise News sample promo videos (Will open a new window)

October 2012 BBC News rebranding move to New Broadcasting House

- Spotted Zebra helped the BBC to create the templates and scenes needed to run the new BBC news studios at New Broadcasting House using Vizrt software.

August 2012 US Election graphics for BBC

- Spotted Zebra helped the BBC to realise the graphics for the US Elections using Vizrt's suite of software. BBC Election graphics (Will open a new window)

July 2012 Olympic Showcase for BP

- Spotted Zebra created a series of presentations for the Olympic Games of 2012 at Hammersmith's BP Petrol station ranging from interactive theatre to interactive touch surfaces. Olymic showcase Hammersmith (Will open a new window)

May 2012 BAE Systems presentation.

- Spotted Zebra, for Mediastation created a 152" touch screen presentation for the Farnborough Air show of 2012 BAE Presentation (Will open a new window)

February 2012 TV2 graphics redesign

- Spotted Zebra were in Denmark creating new concepts for TV2 Denmark using Vizrt software.

World Petroleum Congress for BP in Rio March 2012

- Spotted Zebra provide a reworking of the WPC graphics in multiple languages and area specific content for the Expo in Rio. WPC Interactive exhibits. (Will open a new window)

Dubai TV December 2011

- Spotted Zebra using VizRT design a new look for Dubai TV, creating templates for journalists and on air graphics for News and Weather.

World Petroleum Congress for BP 2011

- Using Ventuz, Spotted Zebra create a touchscreen presentation and a Kinect controlled presentation for BP in Qatar. WPC Interactive exhibits. (Will open a new window)

Saudi Premier League Football graphics Sept 2011

- Spotted Zebra were asked to create graphics for use in the Live Premiership football games.

TV2 Elections August 2011

- Spotted Zebra created an object recognition table to show live voting during the Live election in Ventuz touch surface demo (Will open a new window)

TV2 Elections May 2011

- TV2 Denmark asked Spotted Zebra to produce studio and Virtual studio graphics for the Elections using VizRT Studio and touch surface (Will open a new window)

Blackberry Experience Centre February 2011

- Spotted Zebra with 2LK create the Blackberry Experience Centre. A business to business sales/presentation tool created in Ventuz for Research In Motion. Experience Centre video (Will open a new window)

Siemens Corporate Presentation November 2010

- Using Ventuz, Spotted Zebra are asked to provide Siemens with an editable presentation system. We created the back end application and the Presentation to work seamlessly. Siemens presentation (Will open a new window)

Magic Numbers - June 2010

- Using Ventuz, spotted zebra created graphics for ITV's Magic Numbers. Magic Numbers CGI on screen graphics (Will open a new window)

ETV - World cup graphics june 2010

- Spotted Zebra created on screen graphics and a touch wall for ETV in South Africa for their World Cup coverage. ETV touch screen for the World Cup 2010 (Will open a new window)

ITV World Cup on air graphics

- Spotted Zebra was tasked to create graphics for the World Cup in 2010 for ITV.

TRT Haber April 2010

- Spotted zebra is asked to create graphics for the national Turkish broadcaster. TRT News was the result. TRT On Air graphics (Will open a new window)

IPL for CeyeT South Africa Jan 2010

- Spotted zebra create graphics for the Indian Premiership Cricket series 2010 for CeyeT in South Africa. CeyeT website (Will open a new window)

Spotted Zebra back in Kabul November 2009

- Election 88, Spotted Zebra are back in Kabul to create election graphics and train more designers at Tolo TV. Tolo TV news website (Will open a new window)

Al Ekhbariya launches September 2009

- Al Ekhbariya tasked Spotted Zebra to create launch graphics for their Channel using Viz RT's software. Al Ekhbariya website (Will open a new window)

Al Jazeera Arabic Rebrand August 2009

- Spotted Zebra were chosen by design agency JL to create the on-screen look for Al Jazeera's Arabic News Channel. Link to example video of on screen graphics. (Will open a new window)

Spotted Zebra YouTube Channel

- We now have a YouTube channel, visit this to see what we are working on, what has been finished, on air footage and showreels. Spotted Zebra YouTube Channel (Will open a new window)