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Spotted Zebra is a market leader in innovative 3D real-time graphics for television. We specialise in news, documentaries and commercials, the design of virtual studio sets, as well as the production of interactive DVD ROMs

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latest news

January 2012 Dubai TV Rebrand

- Spotted Zebra called in to create the real-time graphics for Dubai TV

World Petroleum Congress for BP in Rio March 2012

- Spotted Zebra provide a reworking of the WPC graphics in multiple languages and area specific content for the Expo in Rio.

Dubai TV December 2011

- Spotted Zebra using VizRT design a new look for Dubai TV, creating templates for journalists and on air graphics for News and Weather.

World Petroleum Congress for BP 2011

- Using Ventuz, Spotted Zebra create a touchscreen presentation and a Kinect controlled presentation for BP in Qatar.

Saudi Premier League Football graphics Sept 2011

- Spotted Zebra were asked to create graphics for use in the Live Premiership football games.

TV2 Elections August 2011

- Spotted Zebra created an object recognition table to show live voting during the Live election in Ventuz

TV2 Elections May 2011

- TV2 Denmark asked Spotted Zebra to produce studio and Virtual studio graphics for the Elections using VizRT

Blackberry Experience Centre February 2011

- Spotted Zebra with 2LK create the Blackberry Experience Centre. A business to business sales/presentation tool created in Ventuz for Research In Motion.

Siemens Corporate Presentation November 2010

- Using Ventuz, Spotted Zebra are asked to provide Siemens with an editable presentation system. We created the back end application and the Presentation to work seamlessly.

Magic Numbers - June 2010

- Using Ventuz, spotted zebra created graphics for ITV's Magic Numbers.

ETV - World cup graphics june 2010

- Spotted Zebra created on screen graphics and a touch wall for ETV in South Africa for their World Cup coverage.

ITV World Cup on air graphics

- Spotted Zebra was tasked to create graphics for the World Cup in 2010 for ITV.

TRT Haber April 2010

- Spotted zebra is asked to create graphics for the national Turkish broadcaster. TRT News was the result. Watch TRT Haber on this link (Will open a new window)

IPL for CeyeT South Africa Jan 2010

- Spotted zebra create graphics for the Indian Premiership Cricket series 2010 for CeyeT in South Africa. CeyeT website (Will open a new window)

Spotted Zebra back in Kabul November 2009

- Election 88, Spotted Zebra are back in Kabul to create election graphics and train more designers at Tolo TV. Tolo TV news website (Will open a new window)

Al Ekhbariya launches September 2009

- Al Ekhbariya tasked Spotted Zebra to create launch graphics for their Channel using Viz RT's software. Al Ekhbariya website (Will open a new window)

Al Jazeera Arabic Rebrand August 2009

- Spotted Zebra were chosen by design agency JL to create the on-screen look for Al Jazeera's Arabic News Channel. Link to Al Jazeera Live stream (Will open a new window)

Spotted Zebra YouTube Channel

- We now have a YouTube channel, visit this to see what we are working on, what has been finished, on air footage and showreels. Spotted Zebra YouTube Channel (Will open a new window)